Geographical Indication (G. I.)

Geographical Indication is the Intellectual Property Rights such as Patents ,Trademarks , Design. It was implemented worldwide in 1994, as World Trade Organisation Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights ( Trips) Agreement. In India, in December 1999 , the parliament summarized the Geographical Indication Act 1999. The Geographical Indication Office for the implementation of this Act is situated at Chennai.


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Benefits of G. I.

The Organization who has obtained certificate through Geographical Indication and authorized users (License Holder issued by the Organization ) can prevent the illegal use of Geographical Indications through court.

  • Authorized users
    Get certified as Geographical Directing Authorized Users.
  • Unauthorized use
    Prevent unauthorized use of GI from others.
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Exporters from konkan region of India should register as soon as possible for exporters and other co-operatives in the mango supply chanin to the authorized users (Institution licensed manufacturers)
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Features OF G. I.

Geographical Indication

Geographical Indication is the specification of that particular product.

Certificate of Registration

Right to use special G. I. Tag.

Ten years of use

G. I. protection period can be renewed after 10 years.

Economic Benefit

Economic benefits to the Hapus seller community.